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Designed with seamless high heat-resistant nylon bristles, cushioned body, and a broad flat base, this professional paddle brush is ideal for creating a sleek, smooth finish during blowouts. Its seamless high heat-resistant nylon bristles detangle and gently smooth hair, while its soft, no-slip handle ensures better control and effortless styling.

How to Use

  1. Detangle damp hair using your T3 Smooth paddle brush.
  2. Rough dry hair until it is 80% dry.
  3. Place the brush underneath a section of hair at the roots and pull down, directing the airflow of the dryer at the brush.
  4. Continue until you achieve your desired look.


  • Cushioned Body: For gentle styling with sleek, shiny results.
  • Broad Flat Base: Covers a wider surface area of hair.
  • Heat-Resistant Bristles: Detangle and gently smooth hair.
  • Soft no-slip Handle: For better control and effortless styling.


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