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Following the success of Augusto, Prudence decided to create a more complex eau de toilette for her male clientele. The inspiration for the fragrance is her father, Alexander, who had a distinguished career as an officer in the Australian Navy. He served with distinction in the Arctic and Far Eastern theatres of action before settling in subtropical Queensland to open an engineering business and create a home and garden which was the inspiration for so many of Prudence’s perfumes. Spices permeate all aspects of Alexandre’s olfactory pyramid, starting with top notes of cardamom, armoise, bergamot and mint. The heart is a bouquet of orange blossom and lavendar spiced with cinnamon and cumin that gives way to a warm, woody dry down. These base notes are a heady mixture of sandalwood and cedarwood, tinged with powdered flavours of vanilla, amber and tonka bean that round out the Oriental/Chypre eau de toilette.

How to Use

  1. Like any fragrance, use one or two sprays around your neck and on your pulse points (areas where the body is warmer, such as the wrists, ankles, inside the elbows and behind the knees) from a minimum distance of 6 inches, then allow to dry without rubbing.



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