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AddME bundles are perfect for extending your kit.The CurlME handle (Not included) is easily detached from the barrel, allowing the barrel to remain in the hair until the hair has cooled, allowing you to dry and style at the same time, this method locks in the style and gives you the perfect blow.

AddME sets include 6 additional barrels to attach to your CurlME handle. Available in small, medium, large or assorted sets.
Includes 6 clips.
Handle not included.

How to Use

    1. After washing prepare the hair using PrepME and roughly dry to around 60%-80%.
    2. Section the hair into small sections of the number of barrels you have E.g. 6. Ensure the sections do not exceed 3 inches in width. Spritz a little BoostME at the root of each section for extra volume and hold.
    3. Starting from the bottom of the hair, attach the handle to the barrel size of choice. (Large & Medium for volume & body) Place the brush underneath the hair section close to the roots, wrap the hair around the brush once and pull through the section with your hairdryer nozzle following the direction as shown in the image on the right towards the ends. As you reach the end of the section begin to roll the brush up. Apply gentle moving heat and unroll. Repeat until section is 100% dry, smooth and starting to create the desired shape.
    4. Once satisfied with dryness and shape, pull the brush to the ends of the hair removing any tangles and begin to roll up. It is important to note that the only section of hair to be tucked into the bristles is the tips. The midshaft of the hair will sit on top of the barrel. You should not be able to see bristles poking through the hair, if you can the hair is wrapped too tightly. Once rolled up, secure with a clip and remove the handle.
    5. Repeat steps 3-4 until all hair is rolled up. For added root lift, hold the brush in place at the root and move your hairdryer in a C shape around the barrel.
    6. Leave barrels to cool for best results wait around 15-20 mins.
    7. When removing start from the bottom. Unclip the barrel and hold point A & B (Shown in diagram to the left) slowly lift up and away from the head, the barrel will unwind. If you find your hair tangles do not pull the barrel. Pull loose hairs from the underside of the brush to release hair.
    8. Style using VolumizeME to add extra volume at the root and add shine and smoothness with SmoothME to set your style.


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