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Pink for Feeling –COMFORTwith the tender scent of Rose. Pink for Action –SPARKLEusing this silky balm laced with the subtle glow of Rose Quartz and the conditioning power of Passion Flower Seed Oil. Pore reducing Rosehip Seed Oil hydrates and protects. Pink for Pleasure –DE-STRESSwith Arctic Rose to increase endorphin levels, stimulate the skin’s wellness and relaxation to improve the mood. Purify skin with soft Pink Clay. Natural. Ethical. Joyful.

How to Use

  1. Our Rose & Rose Quartz Body Balm is perfect to use on an evening out or special occasion
  2. Use the velvet body puff to smooth balm onto arms, legs and décolleté to give a glow
  3. In a circular motion, move the body puff around the balm then apply in sweeping movements on your desired area


Rose Quartz/Stone of comfort,Arctic Rose / helps to increase endorphin levels and encourages skin wellness and relaxation,Passion Flower Seed Oil rich in essentialfatty acids / moisturises and softens, Rosehip Seed Oil rich in omega 3 & 6 and vitamin A / supports the lipid barrier and maintains moisture balance


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