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Green for Feeling –RESTOREthe hands and compose the spirit with the serene scent of Vetiver.Green for Action –EXFOLIATEthe skin to smoothness with powdered precious Jade and Pure Silica; hydrate with moisturising and softening Avocado Oil; soothe and protect with Tamanu oil.Green for Pleasure –RENEWhard working hands with the cell regenerative properties of Olive Oil and protect skin from environmental damage with Vitamin E.

How to Use

  1. Massage your hands and fingers using our Jade & Vetiver Hand Exfoliant, giving extra care around nails and cuticles
  2. Feel the fine exfoliants buff away any dryness and roughness and embrace your serene and balanced hands, as you lean into green


Jade / Stone of serenity, Tamanu Oil / soothes and protects, Olive Oil / aids skin cell renewal, Avocado Oil rich in essential fatty acids / moisturises and softens, Pure Silica / gently exfoliates


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