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Anti Ageing serums are always best used at night when your skin is doing all the hard work repairing itself. We couldn’t pack any more anti ageing ingredients into our King of Nightime Serum. This lightweight serum has Argan oil that contains high doses of vitamin A & E to stimulate skin cell turnover, reduce lines and moisturise, Sea Fennel rich in minerals and vitamins A, C, and E, giving antioxidant, toning, skin conditioning, and soothing properties, energizes and rejuvenates the skin. Carrot oil to nourish, tighten and rejuveneate and antiseptic Cinnamon Oil to reduce and keep breakouts at bay. Also a good standby to use before a night out as it contains Pullulan, a polysaccharide that instantly tightens and firms the skin.

How to Use

  1. After cleansing, pat skin dry and apply Overnight Serum over face and neck, avoiding eye area


Argan Oil - antioxidant, improve elasticity and cell strength of facial skin. Rose Oil - anti bacterial, anti ageing Jasmin Oil - rejuvenates Cinnamon Oil - helps the body cells retain water inside them. Sea Fennel - vitamin-rich stem cells, antioxidants, rejuvenates skin Sunflower Seed Oil - renews cells Algae Extract - anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial Pullman superior - instant tightening and firming active ingredient:? Carrot Oil - contains high levels of carotenoids, components of vitamin A and powerful antioxidants. It also has high levels of tocopherol, a fat-soluble form of vitamin E,


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