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Create the illusion of longer, fuller eyelashes in an instant with LOLA False Eyelashes. Versatile, easy to use and with adhesive included, create longer looking, curved and voluminous eyelashes that intensify and enhance any eye makeup look.

How to Use

  1. Lashes should be applied after you have completed the rest of your eye make-up but before mascara application.
  2. Lashes can be cut to size with scissors according to the length of your lash line. If you are cutting to size, cut the excess from the outer side of the lash.
  3. Apply a thin even layer of adhesive (included) along the spine of the lash and wait 30 seconds for the glue to go tacky.
  4. Then apply the lash just above your own lashes using tweezers, and gently apply pressure.
  5. Allow the glue to dry.
  6. To merge the false lashes perfectly with your natural lashes, apply a coat of mascara.
  7. Apply more eyeliner to make sure to fill in any gaps between the false lashes and your own to make them look more natural.
  8. To remove, close the eyes and support the outer corner of your eye.
  9. Gently hold one end of the lash and peel away slowly.
  10. If you store your lashes carefully, you can reuse them two or three times.




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