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A tattoo is not just ink but an engraving on your heart and soul forever! Part of the Silver Label Collection, Malefic Tattoo represents that tattoo inside you that is forever marked. It is a real experience of manipulation. The manipulation of emotions, desires and lust, the manipulation of your soul and your mind in this dark room filled with passion. Fresh, spicy top notes of pepper, cinnamon, saffron, cistus and incense give way to a warm heart of amber and an oud accord. The sensuous woody base notes of styrax, labdanum, papyrus, musk, cashmere wood, patchouli and sandalwood round out this divine extrait de parfum that is full of tricks.

How to Use

  1. Like any fragrance, use one or two sprays around your neck and on your pulse points (areas where the body is warmer, such as the wrists, ankles, inside the elbows and behind the knees) from a minimum distance of 6 inches, then allow to dry without rubbing.




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