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Romantica Exotica is my Island Dream “in a bottle”.

My dream of romance, freedom and happiness.

I close my eyes and I am transported; relaxed and embraced by the warm scent of exotic flowers, the freshness and clarity of the lagoon, the white sandy beach and the glistening sun shining through the palm fronds.
When I spray my new fragrance, it takes me there. I am ecstatic and happy, I feel the gentle pure tingling like the soft sound of sea waves.
What a wonderful moment. Romantica Exotica: my fragrance, my romantic island dream has become reality!

Relax on the warm sandy beaches of paradise as the glistening sun shines through the palms. The tropical freshness of citrus fruits mingles with gorgeous exotic flowers as you relish the salty mist of the clear blue ocean. Rich woods linger for an everlasting memory of romance and happiness.